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Understanding why bedwetting occurs is the first step in dealing with it, and eventually finding the treatment for it.

When a child, a teen, or an adult cannot stop himself from urinating while he is asleep, he is suffering from a condition called nocturnal enuresis.

Nocturnal enuresis is more popularly known as bedwetting. But there really is nothing popular about bedwetting. The after effects of a night of bed wetting not only involve wet smelly sheets but also a substantial erosion of the concerned person's confidence.

Bedwetting is often traced to the absence of control over the bladder. The bladder is an important part of the excretory system. Other parts include the urethra, the ureters, and the bean-shaped kidneys. The bladder is shaped like a balloon and this is where urine is temporarily stored.

When the urine in the bladder reaches a certain volume, it sends a message towards the brain. The brain registers it and the person becomes aware of the impending release of urine. Thus, he goes to the toilet.

For young children, whose age is below five, the control of the bladder is not yet fully developed. And this is why they accidentally release urine while they are asleep. This particular bed wetting is called primary nocturnal enuresis. The bedwetting may happen about twice a week. As they grow older, they gain better control. This is how they outgrow the bedwetting phase.


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