Bed Wetting Chiropractic Treatment

Bed wetting is an every day problem for many children and pre-teens around the world. Clinically called "nocturnal enuresis," bed wetting can be as embarrassing as it is annoying. People try all sorts of methods to try to eradicate the issue. And yet there might be an easier way to cure it than you may think. One new therapy involves children visiting a chiropractor for spinal manipulations.

Why Do Kids Wet the Bed?

It's all about the phrenic reflex. Here's what happens to the body during sleep: While sleeping, breathing retards until the body's carbon dioxide levels rise sufficient to trigger a sudden shudder. This shudder is the phrenic reflex, which is also a spinal reflex. Then one takes a nice deep breath, and then starts breathing normally again.

If the phrenic reflex is not functioning properly, yet, rather than triggering a shudder, high carbon dioxide levels in the body will result in the smooth muscles to unwind. These unconscious muscles include the valve at the end of the urinary bladder. In this instance, any fluid in the bladder is released, and the bed is wet.

How Can Chiropractors Help?
If the phrenic reflex is simply underdeveloped or not yet aged, time may be the sole help. Yet often the reflex is fully developed, it is just obstructed by a vertebral misalignment called subluxation. This out-of-place vertebrae puts pressure on the spine and keeps it from correctly reacting to the normal sleeping processes.

Chiropractic care can help determine if your youngster has a misalignment, and potentially help your youngster conquer bed-wetting for better by manipulating the spine back into the proper position.

Does It Really Work?
There have been a number of studies conducted on this connection. One study, published in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics, examined 171 children who typically wet the bed every single night. Each youngster was given some chiropractic care to realign any problems in the spine.

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